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Highlights: from real world to metaverse!

Delivering top notch comprehensive results with the power of consortium.


Scope of provided services

Tangible/physical services

  • Interactive Video & Light
  • Edutainment
  • FEC Design
  • FEC Equipment Supply
  • Interior Fit-Out
  • Theme Parks
  • Hospitality Interiors
  • Architecture & Landscape
  • Medical Technology
  • Charity and social initiatives
  • Consultancy
  • Custom Solutions

Digital services

  • Blockchain
  • NFT
  • ArtTech and CultureTech solutions
  • Edutainment
  • Payment systems
  • Entertainment
  • Acoustic ecology and Environment
  • Medical Technology
  • Music and Audio therapy
  • Charity and social initiatives
  • Digital Consultancy
  • Custom Solutions


Selected Highlights of Consortium

Mystery 100 NFT project

Utility NFT for charity and social change

GalleryBox and GalleryFrame NFT technologies

Real-world implementations for Multiverse Gallery Network and public showcases

PIRROT: Innovative solution for animatronic entertainment machines

A pivotal multidisciplinary deep-tech solution for social sectors, education and family entertainment

Live/Interactive Family Enterntainment services

Turn your events into immersive journeys!

Luxury Interior Design

Special projects on demand

Magnificient waterfall projection

Innovative technologies for the entertainment industry

Enterntainment Centers and Game zones with Metaverse

Joining physical and digital in real-time!

Historic real-world technology showcases

Real-world events with historic showcases by the industry leaders and stars

Innovative hardware solutions with Augmented Reality

Travelling without moving through time and space


We are proud to work with the best


Find Out More about Operatorland Consortium

After years of collaborating with like-minded leaders across industries, we have decided to form the Operatorland Consortium to pool resources to achieve common goals.

It's always better to create a best world together!

  • Joint cross-industry expertise

    By combining multiple years of diverse expertise, Operatorland Consortium is able to deliver nifty solution to any complex challenge.

  • Proven track record with multi-awarded cases

    We are proud to showcase the best of our results, which are recognized worldwide at the international level.

We have always been driven by a passion for creating innovative solutions for every possible challenge.
After many years of work, it became absolutely clear - just by joining forces, we can straight away achieve better results, covering more areas.
Combining experience and out-of-the-box thinking together with consortium partners, we are always ready for new heights.

Selected Awards of Consortium members